Cloud-based Professional Quoting Software

QuoteSpec is a cloud-based building quotation management solution that enables builders and their team to access quotes from anywhere with internet access. This allows sales representatives, office staff, and supervisors to retrieve a quote on Android or Apple smart phone and tablet, as well as a desktop computer, when talking with the client, supplier or subcontractor in real time. 

Quick and Simple Online Take Off Tool

  • Complete takeoffs in square metres, cubic metres, lineal, and count.
  • Calculations directly imported into the quote.
  • Provide visual inclusions to your client along with your proposal document.

Fully Customisable Default Categories & Items List

  • Extensive items list ensuring the estimators never miss a quotable item.
  • Default list of items and categories comprising of over 4-5 years of compiled data using varied types of building projects ranging from small renovations to large $4 million homes, all custom designed.
  • Custom adding of items or categories if needed.
  • Pre-set rates and descriptions on all items for easy future use

Tailored to your Brand

  • Fully customisable company profile section
  • Provide a unique visual and detailed representation of the company 
  • Custom information and details – specify the builder’s company info, contact details, quoting and building process, terms and conditions, images of previous work, etc. 

Export Quote Data to CSV Spreadsheet

  • Export quotation data to CSV format spreadsheets for endless data manipulation potential. Compatible with all leading spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Open Office and more)

  • Extract data into a universal document suitable for importing into leading marketing tools, project management applications and accounting platforms

Allowance Cost Management

  • Set & track client allowance costs making it easy for tracking, both for the builder and the client. 
  • Allows the client to track if they’re going too high in their allowances

Ability to Mark Exclusions

  • Mark exclusions allowing the client and site supervisor to clearly see what is excluded from the project, eliminating any time wasting conversations between the site staff and builder/owner

Quotation Sales Management

  • Set & track quotation status & probability of the quotation being successful
  • Manage lead generation and sales projections

Secure Records & Quote History

  • Access to all quotation history for the entire length of your account, subject to storage
  • Maintain a secure digital trail on all leads, projections and quotations, with no security or loss of information concerns

Multi-user Access

  • 2 user accounts included allowing any 2 staff members to work on quotes in their own accounts at the same time.
  • Expandable user accounts for larger companies
  • Access on a range of devices including desktop, Android and iPhone tablets and phones. 
  • User permission levels enabling control over who uses this in the company if you want some of this info to be protected