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Yes! We know that quoting takes time which is why we offer a free 14 day trial to every user. During this trial, our team guide you through the features and offer training so you get the most out of our features. Sign up for your free trial now.

QuoteSpec starts at only $46 per month! Making sure that QuoteSpec was affordable was important to us so for the cost of a carton of beer a month, you could vastly improve your acceptance rate and process by using QuoteSpec. Have a look at our great value packages here

QuoteSpec is designed as a digital tool and is cloud-based so you can always retrieve your data on the spot without the mess of paper. However, you can print your quote by following these directions

Simply select “View Quote” then select “Print”, once your document is on the screen, go to the top left of the screen and select “File” and then “Print”. Once your print window appears you can select “print” to print a hardcopy or “Save as PDF” for a digital copy.

We can guarantee that if you haven’t provided the best quality quote then your project will not be successful for both yourself the builder and the homeowner. It is proven that thorough detailed quotes save you money, avoids unnecessary variations for the homeowner and provides a scope of works. By following our process and turning your quotes into detailed scopes of work that tell the owner exactly what they are getting, you will find that trust is built between you and the client. Your client will see that you understand their project and are professional.

With QuoteSpec, your quotes can actually be used as detailed scopes of work. This way the client knows exactly what they are getting and don’t expect something different resulting in many variations. It also saves you hours of time on every single job so when a question is asked about a particular item, you can easily refer to your quote/scope of works. If your client wishes to change something then you can simply refer to the quote/scope of works and raise a variation with complete transparency and understanding.

When a builder says they charge for a quote, they should actually be charging you for a Preliminary Agreement, a services fee basically. This service fee should include on-site meetings with you the owner and your architect. If your project is a renovation this will also include site visits to investigate the integrity of the structure, asbestos etc, extensive building and pricing advice (the builders’ intellectual property) and the hours spent providing a detailed quote based on supplied plans and requests. We think that’s pretty fair, don’t you? 

QuoteSpec gives you the tools to create a professional detailed quote with over 250 already uploaded Items and Categories so you do not need to import a thing unless you choose to. In late 2019 QuoteSpec will launch our new features which includes take-offs, project management and scheduling making it a full construction management software package.

You can export your data from QuoteSpec to a Microsoft Excel CSV file. Once you have exported your data in to a CSV file, you can import these files in to your preferred accounting software. How to export to CSV

Not at all. QuoteSpec was created by a builder specifically for tradies so they can produce thorough, professional quotes at the touch of a button, without the need to format Word or Excel documents. The simple interface and function, together with its default template, means that once the user has configured their company information, quoting is activated via easy touch buttons.

Setting up your profile is easy, just follow the simple directions in this video

We have users all over Australia. By using QuoteSpec we highly encourage builders to quote every item featured on the plans and explain in detail the reason for this.

QuoteSpec is visual so your client receives a well-presented document that is easy to read, set out clearly and many of our users have said that since using QuoteSpec, their acceptance rate has increased significantly.

Of the many successful builders who have used QuoteSpec to estimate and produce quotes for new builds, all said they wished they had a program like this years ago. Give it a try!

Yes, if you know you will use the same information for future quotes you can simply make these default settings by following these easy steps:


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